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I am a property developer and Bernie’s service has led me to become very successful, would fully recommend to anyone.

Architectural Drawing & Building Plans

If you are planning on building a conservatory, a garage or an extension on your home, you will need a professional architectural drawing if you are to obtain planning permission. Building plans are essential to any planning application to any local authority. Whilst architectural drawings are necessary when submitting plans, they may need to be manipulated when it comes to the building stage, as the contractors may require further detail to make the designs possible. If you are in Kent and are planning on extending or altering your property, Kent Drawings can create the building plans you need.

Architectural drawings are created “to scale” (the measurements on the drawing are directly proportionate to the size that the build will be upon completion). This means that you will be able to see clearly and accurately from the drawing what your design will look like when it is finished. It is a requirement of building contractors, even if they make alterations to the information on the plan when building, as they will need a clear presentation of what is expected of them so that they can organise their own schedule, team and supplies. It is also necessary for your local planning authority to have an accurate building plan drawn up for them, as they will need to check that the design is in-keeping with the surrounding area and that the measurements of the proposed build is appropriate. Architectural drawings can be the difference between your proposal being granted planning permission, or being declined. It is essential that your building plans are drawn up accurately and professionally- Kent Drawings can provide this for you.

Bernie has been creating architectural drawings for over fifty years, and set up Kent Drawings approximately fifteen years ago to provide building plans for commercial and domestic buildings in Kent who are seeking to extend or alter their properties. Throughout his decades of experience Bernie has adapted to changing regulations and changing technology, so that he can always offer his customers the best possible drawings. Nowadays, Bernie uses CAD (computer aided design) software to ensure that all of his building plans are drawn up with absolute precision. Over the years Bernie has developed good links with the Kent and Medway Councils, and so has become accustomed to their particular requirements. This means that if you are planning a development, extension or alteration on a property in Kent and Medway, Bernie will be able to accommodate you for architectural drawings and designs.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial property and are located in Kent, Kent Drawings provides high quality, professional building plans that can be used for planning permission applications and as designs for building contractors, as well as to see for yourself the realities of what your property will look like post-build. To discuss your plans and get a quote, call Bernie at Kent Drawings today.