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Building Plans

I am a property developer and Bernie’s service has led me to become very successful, would fully recommend to anyone.

Building Regulations

Building regulations apply to all properties under every local authority, and are in place to set the standard for the design and the construction of all types of premises. Building regulations are mainly there to protect the health and safety of the people building the property and the people who will be residing or working in the property after its completion, as well as ensuring that there are acceptable levels of access to the property and that the property adheres to energy conservation regulations.

There are 14 ‘parts’ to the requirements of building regulations, all of which are familiar to Kent Drawings. All of these ‘parts’ must be met when pursuing a building project of any kind. There are examples where building regulations do not apply, however you should check beforehand to make sure that you are not in breach of the law. Kent Drawings can also assist in obtaining your SAP calculation, which is a home energy rating that is necessary to produce a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA) and an On Construction Energy Performance Certificate (OCEPC).

There are various stages of the building process where building regulations apply. These include extensions, the erection of new buildings, underpinning foundations, insulating a cavity wall, anything that will permanently or temporarily affect the structure, access or use of a building. There are many more stages of the development of a property where building regulations apply. If you are unsure about your build, Kent Drawings can point out to you where you need to be concerned with building regulations.

Building regulations are a legal requirement and must be met on every extension, alteration or development project. All good contractors will be aware of the building regulations they need to make sure that they are meeting, but it is something that can be taken care of in the planning stages. Your building plans will need to make sure that building regulations have been taken into account. Failure to do so will affect your local planning authority’s decision to grant you planning permission. Bernie at Kent Drawings has over fifty years of experience in building plans and regulations, and will be able to advise you on where regulations will need to be met in your plans. He is well rehearsed in the areas that most people miss, and can make sure that you are well informed and that your plans are thorough an accurate so that you stand the best possible chance of obtaining planning permission and having a successful build.