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I am a property developer and Bernie’s service has led me to become very successful, would fully recommend to anyone.

Planning Permission

Planning permission is required for all major works on a property, and all work that will significantly alter the appearance of a property. These significant changes include loft conversions, extensions, conservatories and building garages, amongst a long list of other things. It also includes the development of new buildings, and changing the use of a property, e.g. from a house to a shop, or from an office block to apartments. There are certain conditions under which you may not need planning permission to make the

alterations to your property,  particularly if you live in a single-family house (i.e. not a flat or a commercial property). This is known as Permitted Development. Kent Drawings is well accustomed with the regulations of Kent’s Councils, and will be able to advise you on all manners of planning permission for Kent properties, whether the building is domestic or commercial.

There are many reasons why local authorities require you to apply for planning permission before you can proceed with building, altering or extending a property. One of the key and most common reasons is to protect the aesthetics of the local area. Conservation areas and listed buildings are of particular concern to planning officials, as they are deemed to be of architectural or historical significance to the area. Properties of these types are attached to strict regulations that prohibit certain developments of properties. Properties that are not listed or part of conservation areas have a little more freedom when it comes to development, however local authorities are always keen to keep the general appearance of an area the same, and will refuse development plans that do not conform to the overall look. Making changes to a property without checking first to see if you require planning permission might result in legal action being taken against you. Bernie at Kent Drawings has decades of experience in dealing with local planning authorities, and is well educated in which properties and what kind of plans will require planning permission. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Obtaining planning permission for the development, extension or alteration of a property can be a long-winded, difficult and tedious task. Kent Drawings not only provides you with the plans and paperwork you need to request planning permission, but we also complete as much of the process as we can on your behalf. We will look into the feasibility of your plans, conduct a site survey to inspect the property’s structural features, create architectural drawings that present your plans, and then complete the necessary paperwork to submit your application.

Bernie from Kent Drawings has years of experience in submitting planning applications, especially with Kent and Medway Councils. Whether you are unsure about whether you need planning permission for your development ideas, or have already begun the process and are unsure of where next to take your plans, Kent Drawings can help.